The 6th of june 1944, was the turning point of the world war 2. Allied troops landed on the beaches in Normandy. They carried a secret weapon with them – JERRY CANS. Later on President Roosevelt stated:

,,without these cans it would have been impossible for our armies to cut their way across France at a lightning pace during the German blitz”.

Today the little can is known as the can that won the war.

We have got our hands on 50 pcs of jerry Cans from 1940-1945. A few of them origins from D-DAY (the day of days) in 1944. June the 6th is coming up and we can make you a piece of World history – a true conversation starter: THE D-DAY BAR CABINET – zero waste – 100% recycling


As many of todays unique designs, Jerry Cans also origin from a time with limited resources and a necessity to create successful designs.

One of the truly important historic transportation products is the Jerry Can – a nickname created by the British and US forces. 

A “Jerry” was used as a slang for germans during the WWII. Thereby the name A Jerry Can. 

The Originally can name was “Whermacht-Einheitskanister for “armed forces unit canister”. 

The Jerry Cans was developed in the 19030s for military use. The fuel has to be efficiently stored and transportated to aid soldiers and warmachines at the frontlines. Without fuel, tanks could´nt drive and without tanks, the war would be lost. 

The Jerry Cans was colored by its use. Red=Gas, Grey=Kerosene, Black=Diesel, White=Geraoil. The German tanks during the WWII was RAL color 6003 Army Green.  We use the same for our cabinets  

Ships from Denmark to most of the world.