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Customized designs have become a widely known possibility to get your brand known for something really unique when using the Danish Fuel platform for upcycled products. In an easy way your customers and business partners will remember you for the one who has taste for nice designs with a unique world history.

Here are some of the brands we have helped during the years. Only the image sets limitations of how we can implement your brand in a tasteful way.

We can customize the design from integrating your signature color like the WATERPROOF Scotch Whisky to your logo in a way that leads to ownership of the product.

No minimum or maximum QT.

We have preserved the original Jerry Can that won World War II; added some unique features which have given new life to the old military Jerry Can. You can never aim too high when it comes to finding the perfect gift and conversation starter.

Get further inspiration on how to style the Jerry Can Bar- & Bathroom Cabinet by browsing the Gallery.



Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet for Waterproof whisky


The Scottish whisky brand WATERPROOF got them selv a customized Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet.

  1. We did upcycle a former Army/Navy fuel can and made it with the WATER PROOF signature color.
  2. A metal plate was laser cut so it measured the front side area of the old Jerry Can.
  3. The metal plate was painted in the same color as the body of the Bar Cabinet.
  4. A CMYK colored WATER PROOF logo is printed on the logo plate and final the logo plate is mounted on the front side.
  5. The second main branding was to laser engrave the WATER PROOF logo at the top of the inside pouring plate. So this is the first to catch your eye when opening the Bar Cabinet.
  6. The rest of the upcycling process is a long story  – so check out the video below to get sight for the case.




Are you into real GOLD?

  1. How do we tranform an Original Military Fuel Can into a luxury Bar Cabinet plated with 22 ct of GOLD?
  2. First of all we have to find a real World War 2 icon. The doner has to been acting during in the period from 1939-1945 and be British or German.
  3. Why do we use 22ct instead of 24 ct gold? The 24k leaf is a softer material,  as the alloy is almost pure gold. It should be handled with more care. The 22k leaf is more consistent to be handled,  having in the alloy a small percentage of silver and copper. Of course it is better protect them. Of course the gold shade is also different for the two.
  4. The process for upcycling is the same as all our cabinets except from the paint job. We apply a primer and the the can is ready to for the plating process. It takes 3 days, just to apply to Gold leafs and the then the rest of the process is additional.
  5. The 22 ct gold surface is sensitive for touching by hand. The can is plating with leafs. We can add a transparent top transparent coat on the gold leafs.
  6. Made on demand. Delivery 6-8 weeks. We order the Gold leafs right after we have received your order. The price tag depends on the GOLD price and which Jerry Can used as doner for the cabinet. €1699
  7. These prices may change according to the price of the raw material on the market and Us dollar rate exchange.