The idea of creating the worlds biggest brand with an offspring of the World War II icon – the Jerry Can was born back in 2010. Danish Fuel’s initial breakthrough onto the international design scene came in 2013 at the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile). The Danish Royal Family are amongst the owners of Danish Fuel designs


Danish Fuel use original and upcycled Jerry Cans. We preserve this piece of living history, the can that won World War II, and added some unique features. Each one is handmade and as a result the quality is incomparable. The craftsmanship that goes into each one will speak to those who seek luxury and history enthusiasts alike.


Like many of today’s unique designs the Jerry Can was born of necessity. When resources and time were both limited. The success of this design resonated around the globe. This vessel truly is a historic icon. 

The name ‘Jerry Can’ came about after the German Soldiers were dubbed ‘Jerries’ by the British and U.S forces during World War II and the can was of German design. Named the “Whermacht-Einheitskanister” which translates to “Armed Forces Unit Canister”


The Jerry Cans were developed in the 1930s for military use. The fuel had to be efficiently stored and transported to aid soldiers and war machines on the frontlines. Without fuel, tanks couldn’t drive, and without these tanks, the war would be lost.

The Jerry Cans were also colored by their use. Red=Petrol, Grey=Kerosene, Black=Diesel, and White=Gear oil. Danish Fuel’s Army Green color is the same color as the German tanks during World War II.


On D-DAY in 1944, more than 21 million of Jerry Cans were spread throughout Europe. According to Danish Fuel research, about 1800 different models of Jerry Cans exist. Jerry Cans went hand-in-hand with the Willys MB Jeep, together they were themselves war heroes. The small compact design made it easy and quick to fuel vehicles and transport on the frontlines.

, Without these cans it would have been impossible for our armies to cut their way across France at a lightning pace which exceeded the German Blitz of 1940″ President Roosevelt


Danish Fuel designs requires high technology machinery such as a furnace to remove old rust and paint. Sandblasting equipment, laser cutter, CNC milling, molds to make plywood. It all happens on 4 different locations and many Danish factories are involved in the process. A large stock and collection point at fyn (Island in Denmark) form the central part of Danish Fuel. Check out the UPCYCLING PAGE here on the site.


Our belief is that products should be built to last, and should be built right here in Denmark. That’s why Danish Fuel is proud to handcraft Jerry Cans that are made to last a lifetime or longer. To back up our claim, we’re excited to introduce an unmatched quality standard: Beginning august, 2010, every Danish Fuel is guaranteed for life under the terms and conditions of our warranty.  

Danish Fuel is able to offer this guarantee because we source only the best available components and utilize a handmade production process in our state-of-the-art workshop. After all, there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing your Danish Fuel item can be passed down to the next generation, and our limited lifetime warranty ensures it will be.


A strong team is essential behind every successful design. Frank is the guy who started Danish Fuel. We now make the designs in 5 different locations in Denmark. More than 20 people has their hands on the designs from beginning to the end. We offer 2 years of warranty on all designs. You´ll have more than 60 combinations of putting your own unique Danish Fuel Jerry Can together. All products are Made in Denmark.

Note to self

Note to self: If we only knew what a journey and challenges we were facing back in 2010, we probably would´nt had started to turn the idea of making af High-end Bar Cabinet from an old Jerry Can,  into reality. But, at the time we were a little naive and was thinking, “How hard can it be to make a table? It´s just a plate and four pieces of wood for the legs, right?”