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The perfect Icebreaker! No matter where you are while on the move, you’ll be sure to turns heads in your direction.
It’s hard to exude a sense of confidence when sweating through layers of can’t-fit-in-the-carry-on clothing at your boarding gate, especially when surrounded by suave businessmen in seemingly uncreasable suits.
A repurposed military jerry can be retrofitted into objects that display a sense of classic masculinity that’s similar to their tough and sophisticated rolling suitcase.
With a single compartment and retractable pull handle, the suitcase has everything you need. From the boarding gate, customs, and everything in-between, you’ll be sure to travel with confidence and style.
We’re on the case.

“Without these cans it would have been impossible for armies to cut their way across France at a lightning pace which exceeded the German Blitz of 1940”

– President Roosevelt