With a Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet in the house, nothing else matters.

We have preserved the original can that won the World War II, and added some unique features which have given new life to the old military Jerry Can.

The handmade result is unique and of high quality. A finish that speaks to the taste of any admires of luxury and history aficionados.

Your Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet are put in a jute dust bag and comes in a World War II designed ammunition box.


Use the Unisex Cabinet for any kind of storage of your valuable luxury belongings.

Danish Fuel’s Unisex Cabinet carries all the supplies you need for the morning. It contains a drilled mirror. Inner that contains ample shelf space for creams, colognes, and anything else you need to take on the day.

With a towel over your shoulder, razor in your hand, and your infantry mates cracking jokes around you in the groggy morning light, young label, Danish Fuel, is channelling their classic mid-century Hollywood style of silver screen heroes like Gregory Peck for suave contemporary homes.


Repurposed designed and handcrafted in Denmark.

All of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans are handcrafted in Denmark based on the principal og reusing parts of old Jerry Cans and remaking them.

Hence, not two cans are alike; therefore your specific can will be a unique specimen.

Though, there are different kinds of old Jerry Can models originating from different countries. At DDAY in 1944 more than 21 millions of Jerry Cans were spread all over Europe.

During to our research about 1800 different models of Jerry Cans exist.

When ordering one of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans the name of the model will appear on the front of the can. The production process of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans.