With a Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet – nothing else matters. From military surplus stocks we get old petrol tanks which has been worn out by military service. After three weeks of upcycling you can style any room with a Danish Fuel cabinet that you, yourself, have composed from a variety of colors and woods. World express delivery within 2-5 days. All designs made and shipped out from Denmark REVIEWS


The Danish Fuel Unisex cabinet creates space with a combination of industrial and minimalistic design. Along with a mirror in the door, 7 shelves provide straightforward spaces for storage. If you’d like your cabinet even more luxurious it can be plated with 24K GOLD.

Warning! – you are sure that your guests will open your Bathroom Cabinet – so keep it stylish.

World express delivery within 2-5 days. All designs is made and shipped out from Denmark



The first prototype of our design was a Suitcase. It came about at a flea market a summer day in 2010. For only ten euro, a rusty old fuel tank was taken home to the garage, and the first upcycling was on its way.

Today, we have reached a high-end quality design with professional production. All the canisters are upcycled, which means that the old canisters are reused in their existing form without remolding the old iron. Not two designs are alike, therefore, during the three weeks of upcycling, we still have our hands on all details of the designs to ensure quality.

The result is a high-end unique design making unique living statements in various environments.

In 2021 we did launch a new unlimited series. It gave us the possibility to be more flexible in deliveries as we produce our own designed jerry cans. So now you can chosse among the new new unlimited and limited series.

We offer a 30 days return and 2 year warranty during to our standard policy.