With a Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet in the house, nothing else matters.

We have preserved the original can that won the World War II, and added some unique features which have given new life to the old military Jerry Can.

The handmade result is unique and of high quality. A finish that speaks to the taste of any admires of luxury and history aficionados.


Use the Unisex Cabinet for any kind of storage of your valuable belongings.

Danish Fuel’s Unisex Cabinet is designed for Offices, bathrooms, Hallways and has a Danish Fuel logo branded key lock, so you can keep you belongings to your self. Safe and sound.

Like the Suitcase and Bar Cabinet the process for making it, s upcycling. Not two designs remains the same but is one-of-a-kind – a Limited Edition.

It´s designed to make statement making rooms. Even if you live minimalistic and want to add a industrial and historical touch to the room.

Made In Denmark as a conversation starter.


All of Danish Fuel’s Jerry Cans are Made In Denmark based on the principal of upcycling.

Hence, not two cans are alike; therefore your specific can will be a unique specimen.

Though, there are different kinds of old Jerry Can models originating from different countries. At D-DAY in 1944 more than 21 millions of Jerry Cans were scattered all over Europe. More than 200 factories during World War II were manufactoring the brilliant Jerry Can.

During to our research about 1800 different models of Jerry Cans exist. We get the old Military fuel cans from Military surplus stockhouses around in Europe.

On all the Danish Fuel designs, the the name of the original manufactor + year of the original Jerry Cans appears. Debossed into the the front of the can.

All our designs is Made In Denmark – The Original Jerry Can Design