NEW Royal blue. Danish edition. Made of Danish jerry cans. Plated with 23K gold on the lid and FKF, HTK or HMAK embossment (read more below)

A showoff piece of art and statement making design.

The Danish defense management has made jerry cans since 1950. The first one had the embossments FKF (forsvarets krigsmateriel forvaltning). From 1960 HTK (Haerens Tekniske Korps) and last one HMAK from 1970 and forward. The latest one we have seen is from 1998. (See previous videos here on the website)

Nowadays the Danish defense management uses plastic containers.

This design will be made in a single batch limited edition. 80 pcs will be made as we only have this low number of jerry cans from the danish defense with the royal crown.

The royal blue color is a sister in the same color series as the aviation grey, iaspis green and racing green. 

See videos VIDEOS of upcycling prosess: UPCYCLING 

20 %OFF on Pre-orders. Ends the 15th of october. When you place your order you will have the option to choose wood interior and a unique 4-digit ID number. 

Delivery mid/endoctober 2023. Ships from Denmark with UPS, Fedex or GLS. 

(YOU NEED ANOTHER COLOR AND STILL WITH THE 23K GOLD?) Reach out to us from the contact page using the form.