Price includes tax (does not include customs duties) and 2 year warranty.



Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 50 x 35 x 20 cm
Type of wood for shelves Walnut

ID tag plate with your unique ID number embossed into the ID tag plate. The ID number is engraved into the rear side of the certificate.

Certificate of origin in stainless steel. Your initials engraved into the front side of the certificate. Comes with a vintage tin box.

Deluxe mounting is with leather carved straps


The Danish Collection is made by Danish Jerry Cans. You can see the embossments HMAK, FKF and HTK.

Sort terms:

  • HMAK: Haerens Materiel Komando (Army material command)
  • FKF: Forsvarets Krigsmateriel Forvaltning (Defends material Management)
  • HTK: Haerens Tekniske Korps (Army technical Corps)

We have been so lucky to source 89 jerry cans. Originally made in Denmark from the year 1950 late 1980.

For these unique collectors items we have made a new design in the color royal blue. The lid + crown + short terms letters will be plated with 23K gold. It´s pretty complicated process. But for this series of Danish Limited Edition we wanted to make a statement piece or art. A show off sculpture.


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