Limited WW2 german edition


Collectors choice. You cant get closer to World War II as this Bar Cabinets doner is a Jerry Can from 1941. The German Einheits-Kanister aka the Jerrie-can.

We got this original Jerry Can from a collector in eastern Europe. The dents and corrosion tells its story from the frontlines in 1941 and forward.

This item is non-renfundable and a for true World War II historical interested. The upcycling is the same as all the other Danish Fuel cabinets. Takes place during at three weeks period, for another kind of fuel. Check out the videos to see how its made.

The ID tag on top of the is designs from the octane tag during world war II. Each Jerry Can has it´s unique number and matching number appears on the certificate with your name and date for purchase on.

This Army Green color is actually the Original color used for the German tank division in late 1944. All Jerry Cans were colored by its use. Red = Gasoline, Black = Diesel, White=gear Oil, Grey=Kerosene and so on.

A Jerry was a slang term for a German soldier (Jerries) during World War II. Thereby the name a Jerry Can as it was a german invention.

We have preserved the original can that won the World War II, and added some unique features which have given new life to the old military Jerry Can.

The handmade result is unique and of high quality with a finish that speaks to the taste of any admires of luxury and history aficionados.You can never aim to high when it comes to find the perfect present and conversation starter.

Our Danish Fuel handcrafted GIN fits perfectly inside the Bar Cabinet.

The ID tag on top of the can has a number and matching number are embossed with gold foil on the certificate.

Variation in the Jerry Cans as they are all different as they origins from the navy all over Europe and from 1945-2002. You can check the embossment at the front of the can that tells the manufactor, year and so on.

Remember to maintain the wooden shelves with wood oil every three month. Only made for indoor use or in dry conditions. The Bar Cabinet design and the Danish Fuel logo are trademarks of Seacreed Service A/S

  • All our designs are carrying the stamp Made in Denmark
  • ID aluminium tag with unique S/N no.
  • Weight 6.2 kg
    Dimensions 50 x 35 x 20 cm
    Interior wood finish Walnut or oak

In stock

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