Vintage GIN

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What could possibly be worse than running low on Gin & Tonics fuel in a Friday afternoon when celebrating the weekend is over us? If you look hard enough In the pure and raw Danish nature, and in the Nordic region, you´ll find botanicals to create some of the world’s finest Gins. Just in order to never risk any of your guests being dared for supplies, Danish Fuel has made two Gin´s that fits perfectly into the Bar Cabinet and designed from inner to outer with inspiration from the recipe by Monks in the monasteries to a bottle made like a vintage tin motor oil can. This Danish Fuel Gins is crafted by master distiller Anders Bilgram who is founder at Nordisk Braenderi in the northern Denmark not far from here. The Danish Fuel VINTAGE GIN is not made on essence as it is usually common to do. It´s a single batch distilled and just like the Bar Cabinet, the Gin´s are handmade in Denmark – just another kind of fuel.

  • London Dry (no ingredients is added after the distillery process, which makes it had to make this pure gin)
  • Hand Made (not made of essence)at Nordisk Braenderi in Denmark
  • Single batch numbered and signed by distiller Anders Bilgram.
  • Nose of Raspberry
  • Other ingredients than Raspberry: Gooseberries, Kvan, Licorice, Lemon Timian, Lemon Salmon, Chamomile, Shelf Flower and Raspberries
  • 50cl / VOL 42

Distiller Anders Bilgram is an adventure and on one of his expeditions to Norway, Anders stranded in a cabin because of a snowstorm and he had only one book to read. This book referred to how the monks in the monasteries cultivated herbs to produce GIN. Danish Fuel VINTAGE GIN has a nice nose of raspberry, rosemary and lemon balm as well as many beautiful herbs some monks used for their GIN.

The packing is made with inspiration from an vintage Oil tin can. The box is a crater box with rope handle i same design style as the Ammunition box for the Bar cabinet. The GIN box fits one or two cans of GIN.

This package deal contains 1 x Danish Fuel VINTAGE GIN