Bar Cabinet limited ww2

679,00 699,00 
Price includes tax (does not include customs duties) and 2 year warranty.

Collectors choice. You cant get closer to World War II as this Bar Cabinets doner is a Jerry Can from 1945. The British WD (War Department).  The can has been acting in the World War II and is nicely refurbished / upcycled.

We got this original Jerry Can from a collector in eastern Europe. The dents and corrosion tells its story from the frontlines in 1945 – just at the end of the World War II

Check out the videos to see how its made.


  • Weight 6.2 kg
    Dimensions 50 x 35 x 20 cm
    Wood interior finish Oak or Walnut

ID tag plate with your unique ID number embossed into the ID tag plate. The ID number is engraved into the rear side of the certificate.

Certificate of origin in stainless steel. Your initials engraved into the front side of the certificate. Comes with a vintage tin box.

Deluxe mounting is with leather carved straps

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