31TH OF MARCH 2021


Over the last ten years we have met many different types of customers. Some likes the World War II story. Some say they go for our designs because they think it’s cool. Some are totally in love with upcycling. Getting an item that has been used by troops in the Military. And some are gadget freaks.

So we cannot reach all with only one design series. This is the main reason to make a step forward to embrace your needs.

We are not replacing the upcycled series with the new unlimited editions. Only extending the range of designs in order to reach a wider market and requirements. So to test the market we make this pre-launch.

  • Maximum 300 pcs will be made for the pre-launch campaign
  • Campaign ends the 18th of april 2021
  • We ship out from end of may 2021

The NEW limited edition series is made of NEW produced Jerry cans. Not upcycled jerry cans.

Here´s the NEW unlimited series and some new ADD ON´s.