Key cabinet – aviation grey



This cabinet is made for keys, jackets act. The Tin storage box shown on images is enclosed with the leather wall hangers + dog tag key chain and 5 large hook underneath the cabinet for jackets. 2×5 small hooks on the inside of the cabinet. Check the images. This cabinet is stocked in Nano Black but can be ordered in all other colors as we use for the Bathroom Cabinet series. 

This design is expensive to manufacture as it has 3 brackets and hanging hooks fitted. In addition to being more expensive to manufacture in materials, it also takes longer. Therefore, the price is slightly higher than on the standard cabinets.

All Danish Fuel Jerry Cans originate from real military surplus stock warehouses. You can never aim to high when it comes to finding the perfect present and conversation starter.

This is a real military fuel can. It has been used the Army or Navy during field operations.  The Jerry Can is upcycled. Check out the process here: Movies

All our Danish Fuel Jerry Cans originate from military surplus warehouses and private collectors around in Europe. Check out
the video section to see how the Bathroom Cabinet has been made in Denmark since 2013. The Original re-design of the small historic icon.
We have preserved the original can that won World War II and added some unique features which have given new life to the old military Jerry Can. You can never aim too high when it comes to finding the perfect gift and conversation starter.

Please note: Dents and signs of previous corrosion may appear as this is Key Cabinet is made from authentic military fuel cans


Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 50 x 35 x 20 cm
Wood for interior finish Walnut, Oak, Smoked Oak, Zebrano, Red Gum or Black Stain Oak

ID tag plate with your unique ID number embossed into the ID tag plate. The ID number is engraved into the rear side of the certificate.

Certificate of origin in stainless steel. Your initials engraved into the front side of the certificate. Comes with a vintage tin box.