Bathroom Cabinet L.E – Glacier White

329,00 349,00 
Price includes tax (does not include customs duties) and 2 year warranty.


Time to refuel your bathroom with a Danish Fuel upcycled fuel can Cabinet? All Danish Fuel Jerry Cans origins from military surplus warehouses and private collectors around in Europe. Check out the video section to see how the Bathroom Cabinet is Made in Denmark since 2013. The Original re-design of the small world history icon.

We have preserved the original can that won the World War II, and added some unique features which have given new life to the old military Jerry Can.

You can never aim too high when it comes to finding the perfect gift and conversation starter. We offer a ,,ID look up” where you can check the embossment at the front of the can, and find out where its originally manufactured and used.

Easy to mount on the wall with the leather hangers that´s included in the packaging. Check images. And get inspiration on how to style with the Danish Fuel Bathroom Cabinet by browsing the GALLERY

  • 2 years warranty + 30 days return

Ever dreamt of having a real-world history icon in your home? Now you have the chance. The Danish Fuel bar- and bathroom cabinet is upcycled from a world war II Jerry Can – fuel can from the second world war. Luxury living and statement designed rooms. Made in Denmark