Bad design kills good music. That’s why we decided to make an extraordinary speaker design. Inside as outside. 


…or look gordy but play beautiful music. For several years we have had the speaker in our mind. It just took six years to come up with a design where we could make an icon of a speaker. Build it and make it blow you away. Not only when it comes to the visual. Sign up the form to get the full story.


Since 2021 working with development of construction and sound, we entered a jungle of options of electronic components. We soon realized that we had to make the speaker here in Denmark – in house.


To build a speaker requires a team of designers, engineers, sales team and marketing team. There are so many questions to be answered. The first challenge we faced was that we could not just put some speaker units into a jerry can. Everything has to be measured out. Tuning the equalizer and the tuning by dampening takes like forever and we are still tuning the speaker. We do the assembling in our own workshop so we have our hands on every single speaker.


  • Watts: 160W
  • Power: 230v and battery.
  • Playing time, battery: Up till 72 hours.
  • Woofer + tweeter: 1*6.5” midrange woofer. 1*1” tweeter
  • Connections: Bluetooth and aux.
  • Material.: Upcycled metal and crafted plywood.


Who is interested in what is inside? Do you know what 100 DB sounds like? Most people don’t have something to relate to when it comes to specs. They can relate to the visual design and the sound. It sounds kinda odd to say that ,I need a speaker that can play 125db on battery for 72 hours. Where would I go for 72 (out range of power plugin) and play nonstop music? And how much is 125db? And from which distance? Anyhow – for those of you who are into the specs we´ll reveal some here.

  • Playing time, battery: 24 hours (depends on the level – but mid level)
  • How loud can it play: Well, if you are in a distance of 3 meters from the speaker you have to stick your fingers in your ears to stand the sound pressure.
  • Woofer + tweeter: What is that? The speaker units that deliver the low and high tones. Bass and treble. We use a European made 6.5“mid-woofer with a neo magnet and a 1“ neo tweeter.
  • The amplifier can deliver 320W – but of course we have put a limit on how loud the speaker plays, as we stand behind the quality and don’t want you to blow the speaker.
  • Connections: Bluetooth and aux. You can plug in your guitar or phone to play from. Or connect to Bluetooth.
  • Power: 230v and battery.
  • Material.: Metal and plywood. We use the jerry can korpus and have made some nice parts in molded plywood.


First batch will be limited to 99 speakers and launch the 15th of march. You will receive an invitation by Email as soon as we open for pre-orders. Subscribers to the ROCK MY HOME will be the first to receive the invitation for a front seat in que to place an order and receive a one-day-click offer for the 15th of march.