Qyuzu tonic

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12 cans of Qyuzu Tonics (1/2 box)

So now you can try our beautiful Vintage Gin and oriental Tonic before you are going all in purchasing more bottles and boxes of Qyuzu Tonics.

When you have high quality GIN, it’s the taste of this one that should appear – not Tonic. Therefore, we have chosen to use Qyuzu Tonic which is a gentle and restrained Tonic that does not dominate the taste of the beautiful handmade GIN.

In a remote part of Japan, Yuzu is grown, an exotic citrus. It’s origins date back to China more than 1200 years ago.

A dream of an oriental citrus is a reality that enhances the aroma with a tonic that you will never forget. It’s a tonic that works perfectly well alone as mixed with Danish Fuel GIN´s.

Hints of botanical flowers, herbs and fruits are emphasized without losing their aromatic presence.

The travel

After carefully covering more than 10,000 kilometers between Japan and Spain, the Yuzu was planted in the fertile and mild Valencia countryside.Thanks to the gentle Mediterranean breeze our treasure grew timid and filled our senses with new unfamiliar flavors.
A sparkling new aroma that reveals a world of new fragrances.

The Yuzu belongs to the citrus family of the Rhombus plants. It is grown in Japan, but originally comes from China. It grows on a relatively

cold-resistant shrub, which develops slowly and reaches its full maturity at the age of fifteen.


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