Danish Fuel came on the drawing board in 2010. The breakthrough to the international design scene came in 2013 at the Salone int. del Mobile in Milan. The world’s most prestigious furniture fair. You can get your own Danish Fuel designs at selected design stores.

The Danish Royal Family is among the owners of Danish Fuel designs.


Over the past years, Danish Fuel has reinvented World War II icons into several types of storage designs. All are unique and handcrafted pieces of art, which are now available in many authentic colors and different sorts of wood to help you put together your own unique conversation starter.

The Danish design tradition goes all the way back to the 1950s. It brings sweet music to many ears by creating something very simple and minimalistic. Making the aesthetic goes right along with the practical.

All Danish Fuel designs are proudly Made In Denmark.  


Danish Fuel original Jerry Cans come from military surplus stockhouses.

We have preserved the original can that won the WWII, and added some unique  features which have given new life to the old military Jerry Cans.The design is timeless. The handmade result is unique and of high quality and with a finish that speaks to the taste of any admires of luxury and history aficionados.


The Danish design tradition goes all the way back to the 1950s. It brings sweet music to many ears by creating something very simple and minimalistic. Making the aesthetic goes right along with the practical.

Danish Fuel Jerry Cans are a tribute to a 75 glorious years of World history. The original design of the Jerry Can are very unique. So we decided to keep the lines as they are. Sticked to the upcycling methods.

Specifications for the Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister:

  • Capacity of 20L / Empty weight of 4kg
  • Cam-lock top.
  • Could withstand 50 degrees ambient temperature.
  • Simple construction of two pressed plates.
  • Recessed welded seam resistant to shocks.
  • Hot applied synthetic lining to resist corrosion.
  • Floats in water when full – possible due to an internal airpoc

All Danish Fuel designs are proudly Made In Denmark.


Like many of today’s unique designs, Jerry Cans also originates from a time with limited resources and a necessity to create successful designs.

One of the truly important historic transportation products is the Jerry Can, which is a nickname created by the British and U.S. forces.

A “Jerry” was used as slang for Germans during World War II. Thereby, the name, Jerry Can.

The can’s original name was “Whermacht-Einheitskanister” which meant “armed forces unit canister”.


The Jerry Cans were developed in the 1930s for military use. The fuel had to be efficiently stored and transported to aid soldiers and war machines on the frontlines. Without fuel, tanks couldn’t drive, and without these tanks, the war would be lost.

The Jerry Cans were also colored by their use. Red=Petrol, Grey=Kerosene, Black=Diesel, and White=Gear oil. Danish Fuel’s Army Green color is the same color as the German tanks during World War II.


On D-DAY in 1944, more than 21 million of Jerry Cans were spread throughout Europe. According to Danish Fuel research, about 1800 different models of Jerry Cans exist.

A Jerry Can is synonymous with Jeep.

Jerry cans were together with Willy’s MB because of the heroes of World War II. The hatred when Jerry Can seated posed as a quick companion to deliver fuel at all times to the Unique Jeep in the field.

2016 will mark the 75th anniversary for Jerry Can Jeep and Jerry Can.


Danish Fuel designs requires high technology machinery such as a furnance to remove old rust and pain. Sandblasting equipment, lasercutter, CNC milling, molds to make plywood. It all happens on 4 different locations and many Danish factories are involved in the process. A large stock and collection point at funen (Island in Denmark) forms the central part of the Danish Fuel.


Our belief is that products should be built to last, and should be built right here in Denmark. That’s why Danish Fuel is proud to handcraft Jerry Cans that are made to last a lifetime or longer. To back up our claim, we’re excited to introduce an unmatched quality standard: Beginning august, 2010, every Danish Fuel is guaranteed for life under the terms and conditions of our warranty.  

Danish Fuel is able to offer this guarantee because we source only the best available components and utilize a handmade production process in our state-of-the-art workshop. After all, there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing your Danish Fuel item can be passed down to the next generation, and our limited lifetime warranty ensures it will be.


A strong team is essential behind every successful design.

Danish Fuel saw the light of day in 2010 with their first prototype. Slowly but surely, in 2016, there were more than 60 combinations for putting your own unique Danish Fuel Jerry Can together which includes the Bar Cabinet, First Aid Station, Bathroom cabinet, and Trolley suitcase.  Each and everyone is coming up with various ideas to contribute. From the idea, design, and first prototype, developing the design is an ongoing process with optimizing all designs to reach the highest standard for the brand. All designs are made in Denmark

Note to self

If we only knew what a journey it would be to reach the highest quality, we would never have been able to start at all! Knowing how difficult it was to make complicated designs seem so simple and put the Danish Fuel brand into production was a great challenge. But, at the time we were a little naive and thinking, “How hard can it be to make a table? It´s just a plate and four pieces of wood, right?”