In cooperation with distiller Ander Bilgram from Nordic Distillery in Denmark, we introduce the Danish Fuel GIN. Double GOLD medal.

A floral gin with its hand picked botanicals from the Nordics.

Bottled with Nordisk Gin, Edition Northstar.

Crafted and destilled by Nordisk Braenderi in Denmark.

Nordisk Gin is created by the distiller and founder of

Nordisk Braenderi, Anders Bilgram, who has been inspired by his

circumpolar travelin open boat.

During this expeditionaround the Arctic Ocean he discovered

different and unique botanicals for the gins.


The process

Hand Distilled with juniper and specially selected Nordic botanicals: Danish apple, sea buckthorn, elder flower, Icelandic kvanfrø, Swedish cloudberries, Greenland qajaasat – called Greenland post – and the petals from the North West Jutland dog roses.


Dried cherries, juicy flesh, juniper, gardenia, rose, violets, floral, herbal, sage, pepper, pineapple, grass, powerful.


Lemon, dried peaches, mango, plum, nectar, broken juniper berries, violets, dried flowers, floral, wheat, herbal, basil, cardamom, coriander, pink peppercorns, menthol.


Juniper, citrus, lavender, floral, English tea, licorice, pepper, spicy, brown spices.

Each bottle are unique. Numbered with batch and bottle number.